Alcohol Rehab in Alabama

worried about alcoholismFighting an addiction to alcoholic beverages is a challenge for any individual. Alcohol is readily available in stores, restaurants and similar locations. Addiction to the drink is easy to overlook due to the legality of the drink. Although alcohol addiction is easy to overlook, Alabama alcohol rehab is available to get the problem under control and start on a path to an alcohol-free life.

Although alcohol is not the worst addiction problem in the state, many individuals in Alabama admit to binge drinking and alcohol addiction in health surveys. The health surveys suggest that roughly 225,000 residents of the state are addicted to alcohol and struggle to overcome the physical and psychological dependence on the substance.

While many individuals admit to addiction, a larger portion of the state admits to binge drinking. Roughly 670,000 residents of Alabama admit to binge drinking on statewide health surveys. The large numbers suggest that more individuals might have an addiction, but do not necessarily recognize the symptoms of alcoholism.

Alabama alcohol rehab is designed to help individuals with an addiction get through the initial steps of recovery. The problem that the state faces is getting individuals to recognize that the regular drinking has developed into an addiction.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

After recognizing the addiction, it is possible to get help. The state of Alabama has rehab programs that offer assistance to get through the first steps of recovery. Alabama alcohol rehab focuses on the physical, psychological and mental dependence on alcoholic beverages. The first step is always a detoxification process, which removes the alcohol from the system. The level of dependence and duration of addiction will impact the amount of time required for detoxification, but it is usually between three days and one week before withdrawal symptoms fade.

Counseling services are provided at the rehab programs to determine the underlying causes of addiction and the possible treatment solutions. Since alcohol is used to dull pain, reduce emotional stress or fight mental health conditions, the appropriate treatment solution for the addiction will vary. Alabama alcohol rehab will provide individualized treatment solutions based on the causes of addiction, personal interests and individual beliefs. Aftercare programs typically provide continued counseling, group therapy or 12-step programs to help transition into a life without alcohol.

Addiction treatment is an uphill battle that needs support to get through. With the support of professionals, it is possible to move past the alcohol and start living a fulfilling life without substance abuse.

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